Burning Tree of Life YOGA

ALL YOGA practices intentional movements of the mind, body, and soul becoming one with PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY.  We empower the individual, the community, and the world with co-created curriculum evolving with TIME and SPACE for SELF mastery in parks, recreational facilities, community centers, schools, and churches across the nation. 

We teach about food, water, safety, and environment. We teach knowledge of health, wellness, and family. We teach science, technology, sustainability, and renewable energy. We teach infrastructure, housing, transport, and liberation. We teach art and culture, SELF mastery, ancient wisdom, justice, and sovereignty. We teach resource sharing, trade, economics, and governance. We teach intimacy, pleasure, personal development, spirituality, and belonging. We teach PEACE building, community relations, and service. We teach communication, media, and innovation. 

We teach it ALL, physically, occupationally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, igniting the collective conscience with 12 principles. Radical inclusion, consent, civic responsibility, leave no trace, immediacy, participation, radical self reliance, radical self expression, regeneration, gifting, each one teach one, and communal effort form the foundation.


Health and Well Being


"I Am/We are one with Earth 

And I/we shall sustain ALL LIFE, 

my/our roots ROC always."

Honor Each Other


"I Am/We are one with SELF

And I/we experience ALL

my/our LOVE co-creates

Living your Purpose


"I Am/We are one with Sun

And I/we shine on every one

my/our fire BURNS FREE."



"I Am/We are one with Moon

And I/we reflect the Sun's LIGHT

my/our fruit feeds US ALL"

Build Prosperity


"I Am/We are one with STARS

And together we ALL WIN

my/our voice resonates."

Love and Unity


"I am/We are one with Truth

And it shall set US ALL FREE

my/our vision is clear."

Peace on the Planet


"I Am/We are one with ALL

And all that is one with LOVE

my/our flower of LIFE."